Digital Liability Waivers...Signed Online!

Setup, Send and Sign...Easy!

WaiverSign allows you to easily create and sign digital liability waivers, release forms and rental agreements. Whether you're a tour company, recreation or activity provider, equipment rental business, or education facility, you'll find WaiverSign will save you time and money over handling and storing paper waivers. Plus, you'll get more accurate and legible participant information!

Create a custom digital waiver

Participants sign online

Signed waivers are securely stored

  • Setup a Custom Waiver Within minutes, you can set up your digital waiver or agreement. Just create an account and enter your document title and content.
  • Send to ParticipantsWith a simple link on a phone, desktop computer or even an on-site kiosk, your participants can easily review and sign your digital waiver.
  • Store Signed WaiversEvery signed waiver is securely stored and can be quickly retrieved at any time. WaiverSign can even pass data back to your database!
  • Learn more about release of liability forms and electronic signatures.

It's Time to Leave Paper Waivers Behind.

"The WaiverSign system is an easy to use, efficient system of obtaining signed waivers in the online environment. Companies can now leave the cumbersome paper system behind and adopt WaiverSign, which will save them considerable time and money."

Chun T. Wright

Law Office of Chun T. Wright

"Cloud storage is one of the real beauties of this system, eliminating boxes of old paper needing to managed and stored up to 10 years. Well managed systems, such as WaiverSign, are a real boon for the operators that use them."

Tracey L. Knutson

Knutson & Associates

"The WaiverSign program is a fantastic advancement in online contracts. From scrolling through the entire agreement to requiring and validating identification, its features go beyond what many courts have already found is sufficient."

Mona McPhee

McPhee Law Office

8 Reasons your business should be using WaiverSign


Quick and easy setup

Have your digital waiver ready for electronic signatures within minutes


More emails and accuracy

Gather emails of all participants and demographic data-all 100% legible


Automatic integration

Participant information updates automatically in third-party systems


Secure Storage

A PDF copy of all signed digital waivers is securely stored online


Save time and money

No more collecting and entering participant data from paper forms


Easy Retrieval

Within seconds, get a signed digital waiver with a simple search


Easily manage groups

Pass along a link to gather info and signatures from all group members


Save paper and space

Eliminate boxes of paper waivers requiring years of storage